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HR Strategy – six factors for employee engagement

Recently a client asked for ideas on how to retain staff who were inclined to ‘jump ship’ for a small increase in salary. I thought I would share some of the points with you, in case you also have the same issue.

Obviously, you will always have employees that leave for a small increase in salary and the only way to retain these people is to pay premium rates. As for the remainder of the workforce, for whom money may not be the only reason they work for the company, they are more likely to stay if they feel fully engaged in their work. So what factors might create good employee engagement:-

HR Employee Engagement

  1. Give employees the opportunity to express themselves - Employees who can express their personal strengths, opinions and ideas whilst they are working are more likely to go the extra mile, achieve their potential and remain with you longer.
  2. Show appreciation - Employees who are appreciated by their manager and colleagues are more likely to feel engaged in their jobs and positive about the Company.
  3. Make work meaningful - Employees who believe that their work is important, who can relate their work to the goals of the company and who feel they can ‘make a difference’ tend to be more committed and engaged
  4. Give performance feedback - Employees who get constructive and regular feedback from colleagues and managers are more likely to feel engaged and committed to the Company
  5. Good management skills – having good, strong, consistent and effective managers to lead the teams is crucial for employee engagement and motivation
  6. Give a sense of connection and social support - Having a strong social support system at work is vitally important, even to those who have a high level of independence and those who are more introverted. By nature, people are social and rely on strong workplace support systems for psychological and practical support, growth and friendship.

Research has shown a direct link between a Company’s ability to focus on building a highly engaged workforce and improved customer experience and loyalty. In turn this leads to an increased financial performance and longer-term shareholder return. In fact, the improvements in profitability as a result of higher levels of employee engagement have been found to be as high as 30%. So it’s a win-win situation

How engaged are your employees? If they are fully then tell us your secret on our Facebook page.  If not, then drop us an email here and we will be happy to help.


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payroll services uk

We can help you hire and retain the best employees, manage your employees more successfully, and improve employee motivation. Whatever your HR outsourcing needs, In2HR can assist any company within the Thames Valley areas, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxon and Surrey. So why not contact us today.

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