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Do you already employ an HR Manager / Administrator and need a senior person periodically to support the internal team and provide strategic guidance on employee matters to the Directors of the company?
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  • If you are planning to grow your business, will your current resources cope?
  • Are you having difficulties recruiting the right staff or motivating the staff within the business?
  • Do you want to improve the benefits you are offering to staff?

The above are long term planning issues which a small HR team may not have the time , or even knowledge to deal with.

An experienced HR Director can give a human resources focus at management meetings on issues which can help drive the success of the business forward. A professional HR Director will look at the wider picture without becoming immersed in the day to day matters but can still guide and mentor your current HR staff


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As a general guide, depending on the size of your company, one to two days per month is sufficient to start focusing on the strategic objectives of your business. Let In2HR provide HR solutions tailored to your business.



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We can help you hire and retain the best employees, manage your employees more successfully, and improve employee motivation. Whatever your HR outsourcing needs, In2HR can assist any company within the Thames Valley areas, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxon and Surrey. So why not contact us today.

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