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According to a 2007 CIPD survey, 85% of businesses say they are experiencing difficulties recruiting and attracting new staff.

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From assisting with job descriptions and advertisements to providing experienced headhunters to find more specialised staff, In2HR can help you hire the best employees.

Recruitment is not just about getting a high volume of CVs for your vacancy. It is about getting the right person to apply for your job. You need to know where that person might look for a new job, what might attract them, ask the right interview questions and make them feel welcome. In short you want to hire the right employees for your vacancies.

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HR Outsourcing

Matching the right person to your vacancy the first time round is key as it will save wasting valuable management time recruiting the wrong people, and help build a stable workforce for your business. A good recruitment process will help you hire best employees.

In2HR recruitment can help with:

hr outsourcingdesigning the job description to attract recruits >
hr outsourcingadvertising your vacancy on the In2HR website >
hr outsourcingletting our recruitment team recruit on your behalf >
hr outsourcingproviding experienced headhunters >
hr outsourcingassisting with interviewing candidates >
hr outsourcingusing psychometric tests >
hr outsourcingreviewing recruitment practices to reduce staff turnover and improve staff retention >
hr outsourcingIn-depth reference checking >

From outsourcing your recruitment, where we will undertake drafting the job descriptions and first round interviews through to experienced and professional headhunters to help recruit more specialised staff, just contact us to see how we can help.

Let In2HR help you hire best employees:

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hire best employees

We can help you hire and retain the best employees, manage your employees more successfully, and improve employee motivation. Whatever your HR outsourcing needs, In2HR can assist any company within the Thames Valley areas, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxon and Surrey. So why not contact us today.

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